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AirPods Pro: Now Launched

Apple AirPods Pro: Looks funny? Damn sure, functional!

Apple's newest, slickest in-ear earphones have been launched, at a price of $249. Not cheap. But, to most people looking for good value, active noise cancellation and seamless integration with iPhones and Apple Watch, this is a good deal. They will live with it!

What I liked:

  • Active noise cancellation - Good! Not just the isolation provided by the in-ear silicone tips

  • Transparency mode - Squish the stalk to enable transparency mode, so that you can become a bit more aware of your surroundings

And, some cool engineering, as always

Apple AirPods Pro - The Engineering

Why would they call it a 'pro'? I'm dead sure they don't have a flat frequency response, nor can be used as in-ear reference monitors for studio mixing. Why pro? Anyways, that's Apple's way of saying that 'these are our best!'

Let us know what you think. Would you buy these for $249?

Can't wait for the teardown.

Teardown, possible? I wonder!

I think it will most certainly destroy the tightly integrated piece of audio engineering. What say you?

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